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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Windmill Working Guide – How it works & How to build it

More and more people are thinking of wind energy as a viable alternative to their daily electricity needs. A windmill can supply enough electricity to power your home and reduce your monthly electricity bills. Thousands of homes are installing windmills in their homes to get free energy for their homes. Once setup, a windmill doesn’t have any recurring costs and is totally free.

It has been proven that a windmill can cut down the energy costs by more than 90% in most cases. Next time, you may get a very low power bill like $10 or even lesser.

You may be thinking how a windmill works. When the flowing wind rotates the wind turbine, the magnetic coils also rotate and this somehow transforms into a electric generator. This power is free and the windmill mechanics are not really difficult to understand. Everything involved is simple.

Every needed material can be purchased from a nearby hardware store. So why wait? Get the do-it-yourself guide and follow the directions to make your own windmill. Your utility company will definitely not like this as it will result in a loss of revenue for them. Anyways, it is for your benefit to start making a wind generator using the readymade blueprints, plans, tutorials and complete videos. Even a 10 year old can do this. So start now!

Your wind turbine can be built in less than $100 in expenses whereas a commercially available one may cost more than a thousand dollars. A homemade one is more efficient and can be customized to your requirements. Moreover it doesn’t carry any repair or maintenance costs.


  1. Using windmill electricity is a good alternative if your place have lots of wind all day. Installation should be put where you can gather the most energy.

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