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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wind Turbines & Home Wind Energy Systems – DIY

Wind farms are a common sight these days. In many open places in the country side, large wind farms are set up to supply power to the grid as well as remote areas. These make good use of the freely available wind energy and the empty spaces. Wind turbines are becoming a common sight in even the residential areas where people have custom built wind turbines for their home power supplies.

Wind energy can provide you free power for the year and reduce your consumption of the grid power. Sometimes it may even eliminate your consumption and you may be eligible for a payment from the utility company if it allows so.

All wind turbines have 3 light weight blades. There are various materials which can be used to make the blades. PVC is a common material and provides extra durability. Residential wind turbines are not that high as those in open wind farms. For the residential turbines, these need to be high only enough so that there are no obstructions to the wind. The blade assembly has to be mounted on a shaft so that it swivels when the wind direction changes.

There are various types of Home wind energy systems.

1) Grid Tied with Battery Backup
2) Grid Tied without Battery Backup
3) Off Grid.

All the above systems harness the wind energy and provide you electricity.

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