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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Build Your Own Windmill – Build Homemade Wind Power Generator – DIY Guide

Wind generators have long been used by people for things other than generation of electricity. It has been used to grind flour and other things. Nowadays with the advancement of technology, there are various new uses of windmills. The most important and widespread use is to make electricity.

There are many open and large wind farms which generate many megawatts of power every year. Small windmills can be used to generate electricity at home also.

Many homes are using these to slash their electricity bills and the technology has improved a lot with time resulting in more power and better efficiency.

You can use this power to power your own home. You need not buy an expensive windmill. You can make one at home easily, use your own DIY kit and build an efficient windmill at home. There are many people who have actually save more than 90% on their monthly bills.
In a wind generator, when the kinetic energy of wind rotates the blades, the spindle is turned and the coil rotates which results in generation of electric power. All the components are readily available and there can be no difficulty in assembling it at home.

Solar panels serve the same purpose except that sunlight is involved here instead of wind. Even if you live in a place which has little wind, a windmill can save you hundreds of dollars in energy bills.

There are many Do-it-yourself guides which you can use which provide you step by step instructions. Here we recommend the best guide which enables you to make a windmill and a solar panel at home easily with complete instructions.

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