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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Build Your Own Windmill and Eliminate Your Electricity, Utility Bill

Ever increasing energy bills have compelled many people to look for alternative sources of energy to slash their energy costs. Energy usage can’t be reduced so the only way of reducing the energy bills is to go for alternative sources of energy as these are free and require a one time investment in the beginning. The investment pays for itself in a few months and then the electricity they provide is free forever.

Building a windmill at home is a great decision considering the urgency to lower the monthly power bills. There are various guides available online to help you build a windmill and a solar panel at home.

If you have chosen to build a windmill instead of buying one, you have taken the right decision as buying one can cost you a thousand dollars whereas if you build one yourself, it will cost you around $100 which can be easily recovered in the bill savings in the next 2 months or lesser time.

Following a DIY – do-it-yourself guide is easy and even a 10 years old can follow it make a windmill for his family. There is no difficult involved and the greatest thing is that every little instruction is provided. All materials, parts and components used in making the windmill are readily available. I have been building windmills for a lot of time now for others for a profit.

I have tried various guides and you can checkout my recommended guide below.

In a windmill, the electricity is generated when the magnets revolve around an electric coil due to the flowing wind. This results in generation of electricity or electric power.

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