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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

DIY – Do-it-yourself Guide for Making Windmill

You do have to invest some money on DIY windmills in the beginning but these pay for themselves over time as the cost of making power and the running cost is almost zero. Windmills are being installed in places with lower average speed of wind than 10 miles per hour.

The initial cost of a windmill is high but it can be lowered if you build one yourself. A Homemade windmill will cost you only around $100 which is less than one tenth of the cost of a readymade one.

There are many things you should take in mind while building a DIY windmill:
Output you would like it to make.
What materials you want to use to make it.
Cost of materials and how much you are willing to invest.

Normally you can make a windmill of 1000 watts power. Blades don’t need to be made of steel always as your wind turbine will be a small one. You can use the recommended detailed e-book with video tutorials, blueprints and explanations. There are complete tips about where to get the materials required.

Finally you can select your DIY guide and start making one. It can be completed in a few hours and you can start saving on your bills. When I built my windmill, I didn’t have any knowledge about it but the guide explained everything in the way I needed. I didn’t have a problem getting the components from the market, cutting the blades (I used PVC), assembling the whole wind turbine, wiring and later setting it up on top of my terrace. You can try out our recommended Guide here.

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