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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Important Tips to Build DIY Homemade Windmill, Cut Blades, Make Wind Generator

Here are some important tips to build your own windmill at home using step by step instructions from a do-it-yourself guide or ebook. Even though you get all the instructions and details in the ebook, still I thought to list some of them for you. Here are some important tips for you if you are planning to build a wind generator or windmill at your home.

1. Make an easy and simple plan for your homemade windmill.

2. Ensure that your windmill / generator has a power generation capacity of 1000 watts.

3. Try to limit your cost to around $100. This is possible if you follow the exact instructions and tips in the guide.

4. Do not copy someone else’s design without knowing all details.

5. Use readily available materials for your homemade windmill.

6. Do not make a very complex structure.

7. Make it strong enough to withstand the storms and weather conditions.

8. Make your windmill good looking.

Building a windmill is not difficult and you can get designs, blueprints for your wind generator. The blades are around 9 feet long and the overall height is nearby 20 feets.

If you follow the DIY guide, you can make one in a few hours. After you have built one, making more ones for your friends will be very easy and you will even consider monetizing your skills. It is a great money saver for you as your electricity bills get drastically reduced or many times eliminated.

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