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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Windmill Power Generation – Top Benefits of Using Wind Power you’re your Home

Windmills have been used for long times by man for various purposes. The most common use of windmills in ancient times was to pump water but these days windmills are being used to generate electricity for homes. It is the same wind energy which is converted into electricity. There are many people who have use nice homemade windmills to generate electricity at home using the freely available wind energy.

Wind Energy has a lot of advantages:
1. Windmill substantially reduces the cost of electricity for you. Many homes have eliminated their monthly electricity costs using windmills or wind based electricity generators.

2. You don’t have to depend upon the electricity companies completely for power.

3. In many states, you are allowed to sell back the excess electricity back to the power companies and earn profits.

4. Wind Energy is renewable and it will never get exhausted.

5. It is completely pollution free. It is one of the cleanest forms of energy.

6. Unlike solar energy, wind energy is available for 24 hours and can power your home forever.

7. Homemade windmills are very easy to build, install and maintain. All components are readily available and it can be built with a low cost in lesser time. Usually a windmill can be built with an initial investment of around $100.
You can get all the required supplies and materials for the wind turbine from a nearby hardware store.

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