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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Windmill Power Generator For Home Electricity Needs

Demand for power is increasing day by day but the non renewable resources of energy are decreasing day by day. Within a few years, our fossil fuels resources will come to an end.

Electricity costs are also going up with increasing power demand. Homeowners especially find it difficult to pay high energy bills every month Windmill power generation solutions are the best solutions to help reduce your energy bills. These can employed at our homes to reduce our monthly electricity bills.

This article will provide information about a windmill or wind power generation device you can use at your home.

A wind power generator has a tower and blades which rotate with the wind. A coil moves with the blades in magnetic field due to which electricity is generated. In the windmill or wind power generator, the wind energy is converted into electricity which can be used in our homes.

There can be five blades but normally even 3 blades will be fine. The height of the wind tower depends upon your house’s location. You will need a higher tower in a low wind zone and a shorter one in a high wind area.

Electricity is produced 24 hours with the windmill. It can be used at the same time or even stored for later use. In some areas, the excess electricity can be fed back to the grid for which you will get paid.

All electrical appliances can be easily run with the wind generated power. Not only you will save hundreds of dollars in power bills with a wind turbine, you will even help conserve the environment with your use of renewable energy sources.

A readymade wind generator is expensive but a homemade one is more efficient, customized and a lot cheaper. It can be built with an investment of around $100. You can get started building your own windmill at home using a detailed Do-it-yourself guide recommended below.


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