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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Build Homemade Solar Electricity Generator Panel

Learn how to put together a homemade solar electricity panel

These days, thousands of homemakers are looking to save money on their monthly electricity bills. There are two major methods of lowering the monthly electricity bills.

I will not recommend you to lower down your electricity consumption as this is not only difficult but it is not at all practical. It is simply not possible to turn off the ACs in such a hot weather! I understand that and i know exactly how you can still lower down your energy consumption.

Lower your energy bills without Turning Off Your Air Conditioners
For places with Cold Weather: Lower your bills without Turning off Room and Water Heaters

Now please don't scream at my idea when you are told that you have to do a little assembling work. I recommend you to build a windmill or a solar power panel or both for your home.

Here is how you can build these:
You can use a good Do It Yourself Guide for that. Some good Do It Yourself Guide Review Sites are also listed at the Right Side here.

A Good Do It Yourself will contain all detailed instructions in easy english language. It will tell you how to build a solar panel and a windmill at home easily. The guide must be for those with no previous technical knowledge. It should also contain nice diagrams and videos. Finally you should also be told how to get the various needed supplies and components to build a windmill or solar panel at home.

I suggest you to take a few hours this weekend to build a cheap solar panel or windmill for you. It is not difficult at all. I have done it and all the supplies are available at a local hardware store. I have built a windmill for less than $100. I have helped various friends and relatives to build such windmills and solar panels at home for less than $100 thus saving them money.

With all this, I am happy that i have done a little bit to save the environment too!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Windmill Working Guide – How it works & How to build it

More and more people are thinking of wind energy as a viable alternative to their daily electricity needs. A windmill can supply enough electricity to power your home and reduce your monthly electricity bills. Thousands of homes are installing windmills in their homes to get free energy for their homes. Once setup, a windmill doesn’t have any recurring costs and is totally free.

It has been proven that a windmill can cut down the energy costs by more than 90% in most cases. Next time, you may get a very low power bill like $10 or even lesser.

You may be thinking how a windmill works. When the flowing wind rotates the wind turbine, the magnetic coils also rotate and this somehow transforms into a electric generator. This power is free and the windmill mechanics are not really difficult to understand. Everything involved is simple.

Every needed material can be purchased from a nearby hardware store. So why wait? Get the do-it-yourself guide and follow the directions to make your own windmill. Your utility company will definitely not like this as it will result in a loss of revenue for them. Anyways, it is for your benefit to start making a wind generator using the readymade blueprints, plans, tutorials and complete videos. Even a 10 year old can do this. So start now!

Your wind turbine can be built in less than $100 in expenses whereas a commercially available one may cost more than a thousand dollars. A homemade one is more efficient and can be customized to your requirements. Moreover it doesn’t carry any repair or maintenance costs.

Windmill Power Generator Plans, Blueprints, DIY Guide, Build your own

A wind power generator can produce enough electricity for your house but you need to know a lot of things before you can start. Renewable energy sources have become very popular these days and a huge number of people are taking advantage of these to get free electricity for their homes. These sources are free and last forever. In addition there is no by product of generating electricity from these unlike coal where we get bad emissions.

These are very cost effective in the long run and the investment pays for itself within a few months. A wind power generator can be set up at homes easily.

Windmills or wind power generators are available and start from about $1000. If you build one yourself using the readily available materials, you can build one for about $100 which can generate 1000 watts power for your home.

You can use the do-it-yourself kits which are available even for areas with low wind velocity. The best thing is that a wind generator will run 24 hours a day and the energy is enough to power a home.

If the wind speed increase 2 times, the power generated is quadrupled. You can follow the complete DIY – Do-it-yourself guides available for home owners to enable them to make homemade windmills like these. You will know to know the exact designs, various components to use, how to make wind blades and how to assemble the various parts together. This is easy to a homeowner to do and thousands have already made their own wind power generators at home and get free electricity from free flowing wind energy.

Windmill Power Generator For Home Electricity Needs

Demand for power is increasing day by day but the non renewable resources of energy are decreasing day by day. Within a few years, our fossil fuels resources will come to an end.

Electricity costs are also going up with increasing power demand. Homeowners especially find it difficult to pay high energy bills every month Windmill power generation solutions are the best solutions to help reduce your energy bills. These can employed at our homes to reduce our monthly electricity bills.

This article will provide information about a windmill or wind power generation device you can use at your home.

A wind power generator has a tower and blades which rotate with the wind. A coil moves with the blades in magnetic field due to which electricity is generated. In the windmill or wind power generator, the wind energy is converted into electricity which can be used in our homes.

There can be five blades but normally even 3 blades will be fine. The height of the wind tower depends upon your house’s location. You will need a higher tower in a low wind zone and a shorter one in a high wind area.

Electricity is produced 24 hours with the windmill. It can be used at the same time or even stored for later use. In some areas, the excess electricity can be fed back to the grid for which you will get paid.

All electrical appliances can be easily run with the wind generated power. Not only you will save hundreds of dollars in power bills with a wind turbine, you will even help conserve the environment with your use of renewable energy sources.

A readymade wind generator is expensive but a homemade one is more efficient, customized and a lot cheaper. It can be built with an investment of around $100. You can get started building your own windmill at home using a detailed Do-it-yourself guide recommended below.

Windmill Power Generator – DIY Guide, Ebook, Plans to Make Homemade Wind Energy Generator

Jump into the world of renewable energy to get free electricity for your home. This is the secret to eliminate your monthly electricity costs and even get your utility company to pay you if it allows you to feed excess power into the grid. You should know how windmills work and how you can immediately start building one today!

Wind power generators use the freely available wind energy to convert it into electrical energy in the same way that the large wind farms do. Windmills can work even in low wind speed areas and can continue to provide power for your home.

How Windmills or Wind Power Generators Work

Basically they convert wind energy to electrical energy. The rotary blades of the windmill rotate with the flowing wind. Electricity gets generated in the same way as in the large windmill farms you may have seen. You can build and install your windmill at your home to get free electricity and a drastic reduction in the monthly power bill.

Is it Right for Me?

The need for renewable energy sources like wind and solar energy is even more due to the environmental concerns and the rising demand for energy. A homemade windmill and a solar panel or just one of them is the best way to get free electricity. You can build one at a very low cost using a Do-it-yourself guide (DIY). There is no difficult involved. It is simple. Housewives and technically unskilled persons can use the guides to make a windmill or solar panel at home.

So Get your DIY guide and take advantage of the vast renewable energy sources available to us.

Windmill Power Generation – Top Benefits of Using Wind Power you’re your Home

Windmills have been used for long times by man for various purposes. The most common use of windmills in ancient times was to pump water but these days windmills are being used to generate electricity for homes. It is the same wind energy which is converted into electricity. There are many people who have use nice homemade windmills to generate electricity at home using the freely available wind energy.

Wind Energy has a lot of advantages:
1. Windmill substantially reduces the cost of electricity for you. Many homes have eliminated their monthly electricity costs using windmills or wind based electricity generators.

2. You don’t have to depend upon the electricity companies completely for power.

3. In many states, you are allowed to sell back the excess electricity back to the power companies and earn profits.

4. Wind Energy is renewable and it will never get exhausted.

5. It is completely pollution free. It is one of the cleanest forms of energy.

6. Unlike solar energy, wind energy is available for 24 hours and can power your home forever.

7. Homemade windmills are very easy to build, install and maintain. All components are readily available and it can be built with a low cost in lesser time. Usually a windmill can be built with an initial investment of around $100.
You can get all the required supplies and materials for the wind turbine from a nearby hardware store.

Follow our recommended DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Guides to learn How to Build A Windmill At Home and Eliminate Your Monthly Electricity Bills. Start Now!

Wind Turbines & Home Wind Energy Systems – DIY

Wind farms are a common sight these days. In many open places in the country side, large wind farms are set up to supply power to the grid as well as remote areas. These make good use of the freely available wind energy and the empty spaces. Wind turbines are becoming a common sight in even the residential areas where people have custom built wind turbines for their home power supplies.

Wind energy can provide you free power for the year and reduce your consumption of the grid power. Sometimes it may even eliminate your consumption and you may be eligible for a payment from the utility company if it allows so.

All wind turbines have 3 light weight blades. There are various materials which can be used to make the blades. PVC is a common material and provides extra durability. Residential wind turbines are not that high as those in open wind farms. For the residential turbines, these need to be high only enough so that there are no obstructions to the wind. The blade assembly has to be mounted on a shaft so that it swivels when the wind direction changes.

There are various types of Home wind energy systems.

1) Grid Tied with Battery Backup
2) Grid Tied without Battery Backup
3) Off Grid.

All the above systems harness the wind energy and provide you electricity.

Detailed DIY Guides can be used to build windmill as well as solar panels at home easily with each and every detail provided. Start Now and Utilize Free Natural Wind to Reduce Your Monthly Electricity Bills!