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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Building Your Own Windmill at Home

Homemade wind power generators have he following major components or functions. These are a generator, blades, mount, tower and a control system. The guide explains you everything and finally you can eliminate your electric bill. Atleast, one of your bills is gone.

Why Build Your Own Windmill?
Buying one is very costly, it could cost more than a thousand dollars but building one can be done for around $100 and there are no additional installation, maintenance and repair costs. Everything is done by you by following the DIY guides. Start Now!

A small windmill can be easily setup on top of your home and it can be made strong enough to withstand all weather conditions. You need to build the wind blades, the tower, the nacelle which a gear box for movement of the windmill and the base. There is no difficult work involved as you follow a nicely written DIY guide.

Welding skills are required only if you use steel blades. Mostly you can use the wooden or pvc blades, which don’t require welding.

Three blades are enough normally and you won’t need to have more than 3 in most cases. All the components involved in building a windmill are commonly available at your nearby store. Constructing a homemade windmill is as easy as it seems here. Even a 10 or 12 year old child can do it as there is no technical knowledge required.

By building a windmill, not only can you save money on buying one and your electric bills, but you can also help conserve the Earth’s environment and say goodbye to high utility bills.

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