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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Build Homemade Solar Electricity Generator Panel

Learn how to put together a homemade solar electricity panel

These days, thousands of homemakers are looking to save money on their monthly electricity bills. There are two major methods of lowering the monthly electricity bills.

I will not recommend you to lower down your electricity consumption as this is not only difficult but it is not at all practical. It is simply not possible to turn off the ACs in such a hot weather! I understand that and i know exactly how you can still lower down your energy consumption.

Lower your energy bills without Turning Off Your Air Conditioners
For places with Cold Weather: Lower your bills without Turning off Room and Water Heaters

Now please don't scream at my idea when you are told that you have to do a little assembling work. I recommend you to build a windmill or a solar power panel or both for your home.

Here is how you can build these:
You can use a good Do It Yourself Guide for that. Some good Do It Yourself Guide Review Sites are also listed at the Right Side here.

A Good Do It Yourself will contain all detailed instructions in easy english language. It will tell you how to build a solar panel and a windmill at home easily. The guide must be for those with no previous technical knowledge. It should also contain nice diagrams and videos. Finally you should also be told how to get the various needed supplies and components to build a windmill or solar panel at home.

I suggest you to take a few hours this weekend to build a cheap solar panel or windmill for you. It is not difficult at all. I have done it and all the supplies are available at a local hardware store. I have built a windmill for less than $100. I have helped various friends and relatives to build such windmills and solar panels at home for less than $100 thus saving them money.

With all this, I am happy that i have done a little bit to save the environment too!