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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Windmill Power Generator Plans, Blueprints, DIY Guide, Build your own

A wind power generator can produce enough electricity for your house but you need to know a lot of things before you can start. Renewable energy sources have become very popular these days and a huge number of people are taking advantage of these to get free electricity for their homes. These sources are free and last forever. In addition there is no by product of generating electricity from these unlike coal where we get bad emissions.

These are very cost effective in the long run and the investment pays for itself within a few months. A wind power generator can be set up at homes easily.

Windmills or wind power generators are available and start from about $1000. If you build one yourself using the readily available materials, you can build one for about $100 which can generate 1000 watts power for your home.

You can use the do-it-yourself kits which are available even for areas with low wind velocity. The best thing is that a wind generator will run 24 hours a day and the energy is enough to power a home.

If the wind speed increase 2 times, the power generated is quadrupled. You can follow the complete DIY – Do-it-yourself guides available for home owners to enable them to make homemade windmills like these. You will know to know the exact designs, various components to use, how to make wind blades and how to assemble the various parts together. This is easy to a homeowner to do and thousands have already made their own wind power generators at home and get free electricity from free flowing wind energy.

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