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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Alternative Energy Sources - Home Windmill, Wind Energy Generator

The purchase or construction of a home windmill has been increasing for the past many years due to the concerns about global warming and the rising costs of electricity. A home windmill or a wind energy generator is a viable alternative to the fossil fuels. These days you will find many windmills installed on top of homes, buildings and in open areas. This is a great way to utilize the freely available renewable wind energy. Doing this not only saves the utility bills, it also helps protect our environment. The wind energy usage is also increasing day by day as the governments worldwide are encouraging this to protect the planet and reduce the effects of global warming. The energy usage is growing worldwide but the fossil fuels are going to last only for a few years. So the search for renewable energy sources and development of devices to harness them is going on at a rapid pace.

So how should the windmill be installed? A home windmill should be installed more than 20 feel tall. It should preferable be installed in an open area which is free from tall buildings and dense trees. This is maximize its benefit. If your area is surrounded by high buildings and trees, you should install your windmill higher.

This is an investment which will pay you for your lifetime. Instead of buying one, you can easily build one with step by step instructions at your home. This is a lot cheaper and you can build multiple ones yourself.

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