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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Build a Homemade Windmill - DIY Cheap Wind Turbines Blueprints, Plans, Diagarms & Videos

You can own your own power generation plant. You can be able to get 1000 watts power for a one time investment of about 100 dollars. Yes, this possible. You can use a homemade windmill to generate this much power for your home or business. You may see a lot of windmills installed on top of homes, open spaces and buildings these days.

Wind energy is a great source of free renewable energy which can be easily harnessed using a windmill. A commercial windmill costs more than a thousand dollars and is largely not affordable.

You can think of having a homemade windmill which is cheaper and more efficient. You can customize it according to your needs and build it using easy to follow instructions. Many Do-it-yourself guides are available and are being used by people to make professional looking windmills at home.

Windmills can be found all over America. You may think that you need very large wind speed to operate a windmill. But this is not the case. It can be run at a velocity of less than 8 mph. An added advantage is that it works throughout the year and can be used to lower your utility bills and saven money.

Sometimes when the speed of the wind is large, the power output increases. Many utility companies will even pay you if you generate more electricity at your home using solar panels and windmills. Many persons can lower their bills to as low as $10 a month and even get paid from the electricity company if you generate more. Building a windmill is a great investment and it will pay you for your life in the form of bill savings and environmental advantages.

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